Gothic Elf Girl, At Your Service!

Hey Guys! ^_^ I'm Neaura Nightsong! Your New Favourite Elf Girl! I can't wait to get to know you!!


I am Geeky Gothic Post-Op Transgender Female, from Ottawa, Canada. I do Adult Films, independently & professionally, I'm a social media personality, I make YouTube Videos, run several online communities, +more.


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I also donate 5% of ALL Profits, to Charity 'Trans Lifeline'!


A Home on the Internet where you can: Be Yourself, Feel Safe, Make Friends, Goof Around, Vent, Be Protected from Discrimination, and get a break from all that Negativity!


I also own/admin Facebook Support Group: Trans Social

Established in 2015, and provides support and friendship for thousands of Trans Persons.

Join "Nighthaven Enclave"
my Priemiere Discord Community!

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Additionally, I run Facebook Advocacy Page: Canadian Transgender Alliance

Established in 2017, shares important Canadian Trans Related News, provides one on one resources and support for Canadian Trans persons.


Guild Leader, <The Dark Militia> in World of Warcraft,  2007 to 2021 (14+ yrs)
Alliance Side, On Servers:  Maiev, Bloodscalp, Boulderfist, Dunemaul, Sen-Jin, Quel'dorei, and Stonemaul

DMR Logo 2012 HiRes 4 Dark BG.png

Owner/Manager, Licensed Internet Radio Station; 'Digital Mayhem Radio', 2010-2018.
Broadcasted for 8 years as a Fully Licensed Internet Station, Currently operates as part of Nighthaven Enclave.

A Little More About Neaura:

I am a Gothy, Geeky, Kinky, Gamer girl.

I just like to relax and have fun and enjoy life whenever possible. My biggest satisfaction in life is making people happy and improving their lives, helping them to realize how important they are, how strong they are, how they can grow and become more than they are, and finally, how worthwhile this crazy thing called life is.

I  LOVE World of Warcraft, Star Trek,

Firefly, Any Sci-Fi, Horror, Zombie Flicks & More. Big music junkie, I ran an internet radio station for 8 years!

I spend a LOT of my time working on my various projects and properties, but in my spare time, I like to be in nature, spend time with my dog 'Kira', I have a pet Tarantula and Rats too! I like Photography, Gaming, and More!


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