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Hey there! ^_^  I'd love for you to
join me in Nighthaven Enclave Discord,
A Home on the Internet where you can:

Be Yourself, Feel Safe, Make Friends, Goof Around, Vent, Be Protected from Discrimination, and get a break from all that Negativity!

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I also run FB Support Group: Trans Social

Established in 2015, and provides support and friendship for thousands of Trans Persons.

More About Neaura:
My Format; Guardian. To Mend & Defend.
Neaura Nightsong is a post-op Transgender Female. Content Creator, Former Model & Grooby Girl, Internet Personality, & Activist & Streamer.

Here to Raise Spirits💕& Energies⚡, Create Joy☺, Help & Empower Others💪,& Enjoy Each Day.

Loves: Star Trek, Horror, 420, Technology/Science, Photography, & more. Fascinated by: AI, VR/AR, Transhumanism, Spirituality. ✨🍄🌌💕

I have a passion for science, activism, space, technology, philosophy, and transhumanism. My goal is to advocate for an AI automated future where poverty, hunger, and homelessness are a thing of the past, and human aging is a thing of the past. 🚀💻
Practicing gratitude every day, I am excited for what the future holds as I strive to (have a future in mental health) become a mental health counselor. I have a love for Poutine, and chocolate. 🍟🍫
A huge fan of Smosh and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, I am also a Star Trek fanatic with model ships and a background in internet radio and gaming. 🚀🎮
I run Nighthaven Enclave,, Trans Social, and the Canadian Transgender Alliance. I also enjoy Twitch streaming and YouTubing. 💻🎥
I am a proud pet parent of a Dog, a Rat, and a Tarantula, and love studying Geopolitical issues and psychology. In another life, I might have pursued a career in intelligence work or law enforcement. 🐶🐀🕷️
Politically on the left, I believe in taking care of people. I am a firm believer in the persistence of human consciousness after death and that society is being conditioned and controlled. 🤖🚀

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